If you can take good care of your doll and treat her like your girlfriend. If you take good care of her and store her correctly, she might endure even longer than five years.

Definitely. When you obtain her, you should first bathe her. The lovely sex doll should be washed before usage even though we cleaned and dried it before it left the factory out of regard for cleanliness. You can have sex with her right away after cleaning, and you get to enjoy her first night out.

Yes. You should be aware that although the photographs are the works of skilled photographers and makeup artists, the models in our factory are precisely the same. Sex dolls can be dressed up more elegantly, though. A lot of players have already styled their sex dolls.

TPE is a hypoallergenic, safe material that is also very comfortable and soft. It’s important to note that TPE is also very flexible, so you can imagine that when you have sex with a TPE sex doll, her realistic double breasts and sexy ass will swing back and forth, making the experience feel more authentic.

Most significantly, you should note that TPE dolls are more affordable than silicone dolls.

Because the sex doll has a high-level metal skeleton integrated into it, you can experience many different sexual postures, such as face-to-face, in a socket, while standing, in a heated seat, etc.

Currently, Asia is the primary region for the production of TPE and silicone sex dolls. Your sex doll will be transported right from our factory in China because it is the most well-known among them.

To avoid tainting the sex doll’s real flesh, we advised her to wear the beautiful underwear we sell and to avoid wearing cheap or dark-colored clothing. Please avoid using dark colors with sex dolls in everyday use.

Since you can’t be sure how to further makeup will affect the subject, we don’t advise it. Stick to powders if you want to alter her or his appearance. A hidden area of the doll should always be tested.

Use ONLY WATER-BASED sex lubes, please. With no exceptions, never play with other people’s dolls. And it will lessen the likelihood of illnesses or new microorganisms; Cleaning up is simpler if a condom is worn.

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